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牧 愛 社 區 服 務 Asian Hospice Program

Starting with the Greater Boston Chinese community, 牧 愛 社 區 服 務 (pronounced ‘mook oy sair kui fook mo”) the Asian Hospice Program at Good Shepherd Community Care, provides culturally competent end-of-life care to Cantonese, Mandarin and Toisanese-speaking patients and families.

Our professional Chinese Hospice Care Team includes nurses, social workers, hospice care aides, spiritual care coordinators, bereavement counselors, physicians, hospice care consultants and volunteers. 

Good Shepherd is pleased to partner with several skilled nursing facilities with dedicated Chinese units to bring our patients culturally appropriate comprehensive care.


For More Information

For more information or to make a referral, call our dedicated Chinese Line: (617) 831-6196

我們的安寧與緩和療護計劃專注於舒緩晚期患者的疼痛與及減輕各種不適的症狀,同時對患者及家人提供精神上的支持和安慰. 我們擁有一支專業的華人安寧療護團隊:護士、社工、安寧護理員、心靈輔導員、哀傷輔導員、醫生、安寧服務顧問和義工。欲知更多有關我們的服務請致電中文熱綫