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Good Shepherd Pedi Pal

Pedi Pal is compassionate, primarily home-based care for children age 18 and younger who have a life-limiting illness for which curative treatment is available but may not be successful. Pedi Pal focuses on the comprehensive management of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the child who is ill and their family. Children can receive Pedi Pal services while also pursuing life-prolonging or curative treatment.

The Pedi Pal Program at Good Shepherd Community Care helps parents navigate difficult decisions about care and coordinate existing services. Pedi Pal improves the quality of life of the entire family with our supportive network of specially trained nurses, social workers, child life specialists, spiritual care providers, massage, art and music therapists and volunteers. Working together with the child’s existing medical team, Pedi Pal enhances conventional methods of care by optimizing physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for the child who is ill and their parents and siblings.

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Those who are eligible for Pedi Pal include but are not limited to:

  • Children with progressive cancer or severe heart disease
  • Children with a congenital or genetic condition
  • Children who have experienced a traumatic injury or event
  • Children with multi-organ dysfunction

With enhanced clarity about options and goals, patients and families enjoy higher quality of life and experience decreased rates of unwanted interventions and hospital visits.

How To Arrange For Care

Pedi Pal is available at no cost to the child who is ill or their family. Pedi Pal at Good Shepherd Community Care is part of the Pediatric Palliative Care Network of Massachusetts. 

For more information about Pedi Pal, please call (617) 969-6130.

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