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Good Shepherd Institute

The programs of Good Shepherd Institute help navigate the many changes and challenges in the current health care environment and offer opportunities to explore new areas in the fields of aging, dying, death, grief and other life transitions. 

With enhanced clarity about options and goals, patients and families enjoy higher quality of life and experience decreased rates of unwanted interventions and hospital visits.

See our current educational offerings below. For more information about our Community Education Events or Speakers Bureau, please call (617) 969-6130 or email

Good Shepherd Institute Speaker’s Bureau

  • Helping Patients and Families Navigate End-of-Life Decision-Making
  • Caring for Patients and Families with Advanced Dementia at End of Life
  • What the Heck is Palliative Care Anyhow?
  • Compassionate Care Through a Cultural Lens: Hospice Care in Russian, Asian and Latino Communities
  • Hospice 101: An Introduction to Care and Services
  • Compassionate Psychosocial Care at the End of Life
  • Suicidal Ideation in Hospice
  • Engaging Your Grief Allies
  • Promoting comfort in serious illness and at end of life: An Opioid Essential
  • Managing Symptoms in Pediatric Hospice Patients
  • Medical Aid in Dying: An Overview
  • New Challenges and Approaches with Children's Bereavement
  • Creating Family-Centered Bereavement Services
  • Conflict Resolution: Strategic Methods for Addressing Dissatisfaction
  • Riding the Wave: Describing and Supporting Provider Grief
  • Delirium: An Overview