Events - Recap - Good Shepherd Institute Dinner

Good Shepherd Institute Dinner 2019

"Destigmatizing Grief" A Conversation with Meghan McCain

We sat down with The View co-host Meghan McCain at the Good Shepherd Institute Dinner October 30th for an evening of unfiltered, thought-provoking dialogue in an interview with our Director of Communications, Jennifer Sax. The conversation gave our audience a look into Meghan’s public journey following the tremendous loss of her father, and how she finds meaning and comfort in honoring the legacy he created. While there is no “right way” to grieve, she shared valuable insights and resources that have helped her navigate the complicated world of grief she was not prepared to face. Although everyone’s experience with grief is unique and deeply personal, it is a unifying human experience that will inevitably touch us all. It is the mission of the Good Shepherd Institute to bring these important conversations to the community- even when the topic is one so emotional that the public (or even those closest to us) may be afraid to talk about it. It is this reason in particular that we thank Meghan for her candidness and allowing others to learn from her experience. If anything, we hope this conversation will inspire us and those we love to remain committed to having open and honest conversations related to end-of-life planning, informed decision-making and that we all continue our work towards “destigmatizing grief."