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After a particularly stressful day, dealing with family and work issues, I shook it off and went to see my hospice client. Last minute, I grabbed a book of humor off my shelf. It had a few chapters on baseball humor and what a hit that was! I never saw my client crack up so much! He was so appreciative that as I was leaving, he held out his hand to me and squeezed it extra hard. What a joy after such a day.” ~ Good Shepherd Volunteer

Being able to keep my mother with us, surrounded by much that she loved and family who loved her, meant more than I could possibly tell you. I’m so glad she didn’t die in the hospital. Thank you a thousand times – and then some.” ~ FC, Family Member

Originally, I was personally skeptical about hospice and its effectiveness. I am now an enthusiastic supporter and Good Shepherd deserves all the credit. Thank you.” ~ Sheila Borges, Family Member

"Ever since Good Shepherd set foot in our home, our difficult days became more bearable." ~ Family Member

We are so appreciative of your kindness and support to our whole family. Talking with us, meeting with us time and again, offering materials as well as kind, comforting words, made a difference in the quality of our last days together. Thank you so much for the way you reached out and embraced us.” ~ Family Member

I am so thankful to everyone at Good Shepherd for all the help and support I received while taking care of my mother. I was able to keep my promise to let her go with dignity and peace, at home.” ~ Family Member

We called in Good Shepherd when my grandfather got sick. The Hospice nurses were incredible, making my grandfather feel comfortable and at ease. Not only did he develop a personal connection with his nurses, but our entire family did. I will never understand how the Hospice nurses continue to do their jobs with such patience and care, and I am forever grateful for the care they gave my grandfather. ~ Teri Volante, Family Member

Thank you for your wonderful support during my mother’s final days. That she (and I) trusted you so immediately is a testament to your good heart and skills…The fact that we were able to honor Mom’s wish to remain in her home gives great comfort. Thank you so very much for your support in making that possible…I only wish that we could find adequate ways to express our profound gratitude to you and Good Shepherd.” ~ Family Member

I am overdue with my expression of gratitude for your Hospice Medical Director’s care of my brother. During his illness, you were always available and always concerned – not only for him, but for my husband and me. We are fortunate to have you working with the area of palliative care and patient advocacy work.” ~ Family Member

I can not say enough in praise of Hospice care. It goes without saying, that we would never have been able to care for my husband at home without this level and quality of care…I could never overstate the excellent service and support we had with members of your team.” ~ Family Member

Your professionalism, genuine concern and ever-present sympathetic guidance made the process so much more bearable for us all. We will be forever grateful to you.” ~ Family Member

Your ability to respond quickly to family requests, your excellent service in guiding our discharge planning and the care you consistently give to patients and families evidenced by our many family calls post discharge, make you the premiere hospice team in this area. We are very lucky to work with you!” ~ Hospital Discharge Planner, Social Worker

We send many patients home from the hospital here with home hospice, but never see what that entails. It was amazing to me the amount of support and resources the hospice agency provides to these patients and their families. That’s one thing I truly appreciated with my visits – it’s not just about the patient, but the family as well – how they’re doing, what support they need, etc. I never realized how much could be done outside of an inpatient setting and Good Shepherd seems to do it so well.”
~ BIDMC Resident’s comments after spending a day with Hospice team members.

Thank you for the kindness and care you gave my dad during his last days. His wish was to be at home and with your help he was able to do that.” ~ Family Member

I will be eternally grateful for the kind, caring support you gave my wife during her final days almost 13 years ago.” ~ Family Member

The services that your agency provided to him and to our family during these last several years since he became ill have been invaluable. The staff and services of the Good Shepherd helped make it possible to keep my father comfortable and at home during his last years. This is exactly what he would have wanted and what we wanted for him. The constant and kind presence of your staff provided great support and peace of mind to all of us during a long and difficult time.” ~ Family Member

It was a great feeling to know that you were all there when I needed you.” ~ Family Member

Even a year later, we think of and appreciate the kindness, generosity and skill offered to my husband and our family.”
~ Family Member

Thank you for establishing Russian Hospice Program within Good Shepherd Community Care. Having nursing and other supporting personnel speaking the native language of hospice-bound patients allows them to feel the comforting support during their sad days. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Krug Zaboty.
~ Family Member